Vote By Mail Resources

Vote By Mail Resources

How to Vote by Mail

If you have any questions about voting, call our voter hotline ‪(609) 300-6389.

Vote by Mail Process

First, you’ll receive a special election mail envelope from your mail carrier. Keep an eye out for these in the first few weeks of June and do not mistake it for junk mail! Depending on your county, these will begin to be mailed out on May 31st. You will have at least three important things in that envelope. First, your mail-in ballot. Second, your certification envelope and third your outer return envelope.

So the first step is to make sure that you have these three things ready and a black or blue pen handy.

Step two is to fill out your ballot and make sure to vote for Amy. Make sure to mark your ballot clearly with the candidates of your choice by fully filling the bubble next to the candidate’s name on the ballot with your pen.

Your next step is to complete the certification on the envelope flap. You must print your name and address, and then sign your signature on the flap. This is critical and required in order for your vote to be counted. A critical part of the instruction is to ensure you sign slowly and clearly in a manner consistent with how you sign important documents.

The final step is to mail your ballot. First, insert your completed ballot inside the ballot certification envelope. Make sure that the flap on the certification envelope is filled out completely and signed, and then seal this envelope. Make sure you do not rip off the flap. Then insert your ballot certification envelope inside of the outer envelope to be mailed back. Seal the outer envelope and complete the return address portion. If you would like to, write the date next to your returns address so there is proof of when you mailed it. Then, you can leave the ballot in your mailbox or bring it to your local post office. You do not need a stamp, as postage is included. Your ballot must be post marked by July 7th.

5 Steps to Vote by Mail

1. Open official ballot enveloper from your County Clerk.

2. Find Democrat Amy Kennedy on the ballot.

3. Vote Amy Kennedy by filling the bubble next to her name in blue or black pen.

4. Fold your ballot and put it into the certification envelope.  Complete your name, address and town on the flap in print.  Sign on the signature line using your signature.

5. Put your ballot in the mail – no postage needed – by July 7th. The earlier your mail in your ballot, the better.

Learn About Your County Ballot

Atlantic County

For Atlantic County vote for Amy Kennedy in Column A

Burlington County

For Burlington County vote for Amy Kennedy in Line 5

Camden County

For Camden County vote for Amy Kennedy in Column 3

Cape May County

For Cape May County vote for Amy Kennedy in Line 5

Cumberland County

For Cumberland County vote for Amy Kennedy in Column F

Gloucester County

For Gloucester County vote for Amy Kennedy in Column G

Ocean County

For Ocean County vote for Amy Kennedy in Column L

Salem County

For Salem County vote for Amy Kennedy in Line 3