State of the Race May 22, 2020

State of the Race — May 22, 2020

May 22, 2020          

State of the Race for Interested Parties:

Recently Governor Murphy issued an executive order declaring that the primary election on July 7th will be almost exclusively Vote By Mail to keep people safe while protecting their right to vote during the Covid-19 pandemic.  County clerks will be mailing ballots to all registered Democrats and Republicans while unaffiliated voters will receive an application to vote by mail.  County clerks are expected to mail voters their ballots starting May 30th and the process should be complete district-wide by June 12.  The majority of people who participate in the election will vote between June 1st and June 15th.

We are working hard to make sure that Democratic Primary voters in every county across the district receive information both in advance of receiving their ballot and continuously through July 7th so they can make an educated decision at the time they receive their ballot.  And, because data shows that, during the pandemic local network news is the most trusted source of information for Democratic Primary voters, we are working day and night to make sure that Democratic Primary voters see the truth about Brigid Harrison before they cast their ballots:

Brigid Harrison is cut from the same cloth as Jeff Van Drew

Democratic voters cannot trust her.

Harrison voted for Chris Christie for Governor and even begged Chris Christie to run against President Obama.

Brigid Harrison won’t stand up for us.  She won’t fight for our jobs and healthcare.

Brigid Harrison is just like Jeff Van Drew and cannot be trusted.