Our Economy

Amy On The Issues

Creating South Jersey jobs and safeguarding our economy

Our towns and neighborhoods were built up by middle class families. Now, thanks to the Trump Administration and Congressional Republicans, the biggest corporations are paying almost nothing in taxes while those families are forced to move away to find good-paying work.

We need a smarter tax system that is fair to businesses and working people. As a first step, we should restore taxpayers’ ability to deduct their state and local taxes from their federal tax bill. When Republicans capped this deduction, they raised taxes on thousands of families in this district—and penalized New Jerseyans for investing in our roads and schools. We also need to make sure that our tax code rewards businesses that make investments and create good-paying jobs. And we should reform our tax code so that, instead of providing giveaways to wealthy corporations, it puts working families first.

Congress also needs to do more to support middle-class job creation and keep living costs down. By investing in infrastructure, we can attract more businesses while supporting good-paying construction jobs. By investing in public education and job training, we strengthen our communities while educating our future workforce. And by reversing President Trump’s erratic trade policies, we can open and expand markets for manufacturers, farmers, and producers across our state.